Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March GBBD plus Daffodil Rescue

Tulipa clusiana with cactus
Where does the time go? Where did winter fly to? It seems like one day it was snowy and freezing, and the next it was spring and the daffodils were popping up everywhere! And with that, my gardening life kicked into high gear. And my blogging life slowed to nothing. I've been meaning to blog about all the wonderous things that started happening around here when spring started but I just got too busy. But no excuses, Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is here, courtesy of Carol at May Dreams Gardens. So it's time to take stock of my blooming pretties, check out some other blooming pretties at Carol's blog, and share with you a daffodil "rescue" I did recently. Hopefully you won't mind a few blooms from a couple of weeks ago that I really meant to share with you.

Tulipa clusiana
This year I bought several (okay, quite a few) bulbs from Old House Gardens and I splurged on this little baby, a species tulip, Tulipa clusiana. Because these are so dear, I put a few in my stock tank and a few on my hard-to-please hillside, for insurance purposes in case they didn't like one or the other spots. These are the first to bloom and they're in the stock tank. They seem very happy here but the ones on the hillside are coming along too.

Peony sprouts!
Oh yes, Virginia, I do plan to try my hand at growing peonies in the South. One baby step at a time though. Not technically a bloom, but thrilling to me nonetheless.

'Wisley Blue' starflowers
Staying with the bulb theme, these starflowers are real keepers as they seem very hardy.

A few daffodils from my yard
I don't know the variety of most these daffs but the top left is 'Jetfire' and the bottom right is 'Ice Follies'. And speaking of 'Ice Follies' ...

'Ice Follies' (mostly) in front yard
Last spring at the Jonquil Jubilee in Gibsland, I plunked down a dollar for a raffle ticket. The prize? 1,000 'Ice Follies' daffodils planted whereever you liked. Lo and behold, I won! Of course, I wondered what on earth I was going to do with all of them and then I realized - I live on a corner lot and I really should share these with the neighborhood. So last fall, Will Baker came out and planted them (something I never could have done myself!). I can't really tell if there's a thousand there, and I don't really care! This variety is supposed to be really good for naturalizing in this area, and I've found out they last a long time in a vase. I hope they spread out and more people in my neighborhood will plant some!

Yes, my ice-encased flowering quince survived and bloomed!
Leveling for a tiny stock tank pond
Here's some of the work we've been doing. Husband moved my bird bath to put a little stock tank pond in (tank is awaiting leveling). Leveling is hard to do! Pam has generously offered me a division of one of her miniature water lilies, so Pam, the pond is ready! And in exchange, I'm giving Pam some of the daffodils I rescued from an old house.

Back of old house; note the massive crapemyrtle on the left
A co-worker lives near this old house and told me about the many varieties of daffodils blooming there. When I showed interest in them, he kindly found the owner and asked if we could dig a few daffs up. The owner's son agreed (the owner is 100 years old!) and we had a really interesting time looking and digging. I think it was a grand old house at one time.

Front door (minus the porch)
Old tree - is it dead?
Pine trees, privet and other "weeds" had invaded the property, but the daffs were still along a drive, near the house, and in the culvert.

Old driveway with just-bloomed "Lent lilies," some 'Butter and Eggs', and currently blooming redbud tree in background
I'm just learning my daffodils but I think we saw Lent lilies (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), 'Butter and Eggs', 'Grand Primo' (or else 'Early Girl'), campernelles and 'Sweeties' (sometimes called 'Louisiana Sweeties' or 'Sweetness'). Pam - I dug some Lent lilies for you.

'Grand Primo' or 'Early Girl'?? You tell me.
Field of 'Sweeties', campernelles and other daffodils
As Texans go wildflower peeping and Northeasterners go leaf peeping, I go daffodil peeping in early spring.

Duba enjoying the spring morning sun and his mixed cat greens from Renee's Garden
OK, Duba doesn't have anything to do with blooms but I thought he was cute.

Please visit Carol's blog to see what other new spring beauties abound (in the northern hemisphere at least)!

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