Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 1 in the blogosphere

It's about time... Time I joined everyone else who thinks they have something to say. Yes, time to start letting the world know my personal opinions about my garden, the act of gardening, my gardening likes and dislikes, and maybe a few other things too.

But give me some time to figure how to get this whole thing off and going...


  1. Hey there. Welcome to the world of expressing your thoughts. I am looking forward to reading your journey!

  2. WOW nice pictures are you a photographer?

  3. Thanks. I don't make my living as a photographer but I definitely enjoy it.

  4. Oooops! All of a sudden I am at the beginning. Thoughts about the bee/bird bath. Maybe you need to put out several. I have used different things over the years. An easy to do one was a metal garbage can lid on the ground after I scooped out some soil to make room for the handle. Then I put a couple of bricks or stones in the deepest part. Also, wanted to say: I really like your raised beds with paths between. Very attractive. Well, I'll be off now, see you at Blotanical :)


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