Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gorgeous, golden tomatoes

Since I mentioned in my last post the tomatoes that I "adore", I thought I'd post some photos of what they look like. These are 'Sun Gold' cherry tomatoes and they are incredibly sweet. And best of all, they keep on going through the heat. Last year I had tomatoes from spring through fall, all from one plant. I hope to repeat that this year. One thing I've had to do however, is cut it back after it starts popping over the top of my tomato cage. If I don't, the stems get too heavy and break. I've done this once this year already but I'll need to do it again, very soon. It's just so hard to sacrifice those blooms though...

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  1. I have grown Sungold before and it is one of my favorite tomatoes. We had them one year in our fall garden, picked them green around Thanksgiving before our first freeze, ripened them indoors and ate them for Christmas.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience.


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