Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The potting bench

Have you ever wondered about those glossy pictures in the garden mags that show a beautifully maintained potting bench? You know, the type that Martha S. might have with it's matching rows of pots and clean gardening instruments? They'll have some kind of subdued paint job and all kinds of nifty hooks and nooks. Some of them look so clean you could eat out there.

Well, in my little corner of my gardening world, I've never seen one like that for real. Of course I'll admit that I've also not been privvy to too many of my friends' potting benches either. I guess it's not something we show off proudly, like we would our camellias or coneflowers.

Here's a little snapshot of a real potting bench (mine). It's made out of the remains of a loft bed that my husband made before we got married 3 decades ago(!!). Hey, it still works and it's sturdy as can be. One thing that distinguishes my bench from those I see in the magazines is the fact that I have products that I use in my garden. Doesn't every gardener?

Anyway, thought I'd throw a little reality out there. Especially since there's not much else going on in my gardening world right now. :-)

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