Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm anticipating two things in the next week. The first is rain. At least it better come. You can see in the first photo that my mock orange is getting a bit droopy, even though I set out a sprinkler for it occasionally. The second photo is of raindrops on my patio. Despite assurances from the weather channel that rain is really marching down from Arkansas, this is all we've gotten. Most of the rain seems to be east of here. If I'm lucky I'll be able to post a picture that shows rain in the ol' rain guage.

The second thing I'm anticipating (with trepidation) is a tomato horn worm on my Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. I had a difficult time getting a good photo of some leaf damage I noticed on my toms this morning but believe me, it's there. Unfortunately I can't find the worm! Maybe he doesn't like Sun Golds and moved on but that would be hard to do for a caterpillar. So far the damage is minimal. But I'll be heading out of town in a couple days for a week. That's when I'm afraid he'll really spring into action. Yikes, what'll my plant look like when I get back?!


  1. Well, I wish you luck on your horn worm hunt. I got a great photo a couple of years ago that only a true gardener can take pleasure in. I was visiting my Uncle's summer home in the North Carolina mountains. He has beautiful flower beds and vegetable gardens. We all went on a worm hunt and I found a nice big horn worm that was totally paralyzed and covered in the larva of some sort of parasitic wasp. Ah ha! take that Mr. worm. (From someone that has had entire tomato plants mowed over by these guys) Enjoy!

    click for picture

  2. Wow, beautiful picture! Maybe something like that happened to my worm?? I still haven't found it but that's because most of today we had rain and I only got out for a couple minutes. So far 2.5 inches of rain, woohoo!


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