Sunday, August 24, 2008

More rain-inspired finds

What fun to go exploring for what August rains have brought! I prefer not to remember or take pictures of the fire ant mounds or the weeds (one of which was almost 3 ft tall!). So here's some neat little things I did find.

Some lovely mushrooms for a start. Long ago I took a botany class by an eminent mycology prof who drilled into us NEVER to eat wild mushrooms unless we really, really knew what we were doing. So I haven't bothered to learn the names of fungi. I just marvel at their beauty and tenacity. I just missed photographing some yellow ones but they were in their death throws and not very appetizing.

I was terribly excited to find many little buds on my potted Meyer lemon tree. I can't wait for the fragrance and the bee orgy!

And to my surprise, my husband found a little wisteria blooming in our alleyway. The wisteria in our neck of the woods has really gotten out of hand. Both my husband and I have spent countless hours trying to rip out the wild wisteria. It sets seed everywhere and especially loves the prepared planting beds. We've managed to get a decent handle on it now but it's a constant maintenance situation. So to help prevent this little one from setting seed, I happily clipped it for the house. The rose in the vase with it is 'Janet' (see my last post on that topic).

Not to jinx anything, but some sunshine would be nice soon. :-)


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment. I love your neat and crisp and such sharp lovely photos...just a feast for my tired old eyes! I got a kick out of the photo of the chickens..they make me smile too. I grew up in the country and had a delightful flock of bantams ("banties" as I called them)...and I wish I had some in my yard in Vicksburg but my two terriers would go nuts and my neighbors would probably freak out. Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden on 8-27-08

  2. I worked at a mushroom farm for five years and saw more mushrooms then I ever wanted to! Fungi are cool until they start attacking our precious garden plants!


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