Monday, November 17, 2008

Commitment Issues

For a number of reasons I've had a difficult time committing to a permanent greenhouse. But I need a place to keep my larger potted plants in the winter and the house won't do. The sunlight we get in the house in winter is just not adequate. Besides, whenever I've tried that I spend a lot of time fretting about the mess the dying leaves make. Note I didn't say I spent a lot of time cleaning them up! ;-) So what to do? Check this out.

This is my semi-permanent solution. It's a pop-up greenhouse by Flowerhouse. It comes in its own little/big carrying pouch.

It's helpful to have two people put it together cause you have to work with the tension of the steel rods. It's kind of like putting up a big tent and it's fairly easy to do.

Here it is almost in place. Note the smaller one on the right. That was the original one I bought in 2005. You're supposed to be able to take it down and put it back in that pouch but try as we might, my husband and I were never able to even get close to getting it in the pouch. So it stayed up all year long (we don't really need it in the summer), and the year after that, and the year after that. But it has a limited lifespan. This year the plastic started to kind of decompose. So I struggled with the concept once again of whether to commit to a permanent greenhouse...

But when I stopped pulling in any money to our household, the decision was made for me. Another, and much cheaper solution, was just to get another pop-up greenhouse. This time I went for a larger one. And I also found out that what I really need is one that's twice that size! Lucky for me, if I can't make the commitment to a permanent greenhouse by next year, I can always buy another one this size and zip the two together.


  1. Hi Jean, wow that is impressive with the plants already in it. And being able to combine two together sounds wonderful. The first thing people always say about greenhouses of any kind is that they should have gotten a bigger one. How does it handle a strong wind? I guess it must do okay if the smaller one has been standing for several years! LOL

  2. The old greenhouse withstood a few hurricanes (although we're not on the coast where it might have been another matter!). There are grommetted holes at the bottom with stakes that go through them plus there are stakes and ties for the top part. Since the greenhouse is on a concrete pad, we don't have stakes on one side. Fingers crossed, so far, so good.


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