Monday, November 3, 2008


No, not that kind of work. I didn't return from Austin with a 'job' job. But I did return with a load of plants that are going to require a lot of hands-on work on my part as soon as possible. I had a lovely time at my favorite nursery, Barton Springs. They grow such healthy plants in their greenhouses that the ones I haul all the way back always seem to do well. Even though I'm in a different plant hardiness zone (8a versus 8b for most of the Austin area), they still thrive. I bought a variety of plants like Turk's Cap, Red Dragon persicaria, Inland Sea Oats (for my friend Alexis), and hollyhocks, a first for me.

If I get some time tomorrow (lots of things going on, including VOTING!!), I'll blog about a great panel I saw at the Texas Book Festival on Texas organic growers and producers.


  1. I'm sure it's always exciting to dig in and planting your plantlings, ey! I can almost feel my fingers tingling...

  2. Anytime a gardener can get new plants sounds like a successful trip to me.

    Always Growing


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