Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Case of the 6 foot Pancake

How does one take a picture of a plant that's only maybe 8 inches tall but has a flower spike over 5 feet tall?? I don't know, you'll have to tell me. This is some type of pancake plant, a succulent. It started to bloom this summer and it's still going. The bloom hits the top of the greenhouse! Anyone know how long this bloom will last and what happens with the plant when the bloom dies? I have no idea so let me hear from you if you do. (Wish I could get these photos in the right place!)


  1. Once the bloom dies just cut off the stem. The plant should be fine and continue to grow. Nice succulent in the back too.

  2. Mr. Brown Thumb,
    The succulent in the background is a form of pencil cactus called “Firesticks” (Euphorbia tirucalli v. rosea). I love it but it only gets that reddish hue in the fall and winter.


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