Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Clean-up

This week I managed to cut back or remove a lot of the freeze damaged plants. Unfortunately for us here, no dustings of snow are going to make these plants look picturesque. So out they go. This is the before shot of the pentas, sedums, salvias and miscellaneous. Not very attractive I think.

While cleaning up the garden I found these little cilantro plants coming up (note all the little frozen Sun Gold tomatoes that fell off the plant when I pulled it up). I sure wish cilantro would grow at the same time as my tomatoes and jalapenos so I could make some good salsa!

I have a little slice of Texas in my garden. (Well actually, probably more than a little since I buy a lot of plants from there.) But this is more symbolic. I planted some bluebonnets in a planter. I know they're a little crowded here but I'm trying this for the first time and hoping for the best. I was thinking/hoping that the good drainage from the pot would help them survive our wet winters. We'll see how they do. Last year they fizzled out in my damp ground. When the weather warms up I'll place this planting near my Texas stones.


  1. Oh Jean, the bluebonnets, how lovely those will be in bloom! I am swooning over them. HA I am getting a little tired of looking at my dead stuff too, trying bravely to follow the Semi Piet school of do nothing, but it is getting harder and harder. Like you, we don't have that romantic snow cover to hide the mush. Don't know how much longer I can keep from cutting, must...not...grab..felcos!

  2. I planted Bluebonnets for the first time last year, and they did very well. I had mine in a raised bed, so drainage was not a problem. I kept some seeds and started them some weeks back. I will probably put them out in the garden in mid February.

    Always Growing

  3. Hi Jean, I came here by way of MMD's blog. I somehow missed coming here for GBBD in Nov. Many of the plants in bloom I'm not familiar with--and it's always nice to learn that there are more plants out there that I can experiment with. I'm not really good with naming them! My garden is in the same state as what you've pictured, above! I still have not trimmed back anything...I've kind of been wanting some snow to give it that 'garden interest', but like you, I think I need to get out there and clip away:) Is it ok if I 'follow' you? I can remember to check back with bloggers more easily when I have their name on my dashboard. Have a great weekend:) Jan/ThanksFor2Day


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