Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Perspective

Well, it was quite a revelation to me to see what a professional photographer could do with my garden. It looks completely different. I didn't really plan on this. My brother, Brian McWeeney, who makes a living as a photographer, was visiting us from Texas a week or so ago. You can't keep a photographer from taking photos so I was happy he took his camera out to my backyard. Check it out.

Texas Bluebonnet leaves.

Texas Bluebonnet.

Swiss chard.

Iris and raindrop.


Autumn Joy Sedum and raindrops.


  1. Beautiful Photography Jean! Love the stacked clay saucers... so jealous of you already having swiss chard! Lovely post. Carol

  2. Hi Jean, now that is a revelation! I would love for him to visit my garden, he obviously can see what we mere mortals cannot. The photo of the stacked saucers blew me away!

  3. How pretty, Jean! I like them all...the saucers are eye catching. I love the shade of blue on the bluebonnets!

  4. Oh what great photography! Isn't it interesting to see your garden through someone else's camera and eyes?

  5. As I tend to take photos every day, I find something beautiful in most any old thing. It's the texture and the way it looks different through the lens of a camera for me. He captured those perfectly.

  6. Always nice to have a professional look at things. I was especially enamored by the pot saucers. Shows that perspective always beats the camera hands down.

    Thank you for sharing.~~Dee

  7. What a thrill to see the simple made so sublime! Isn't the raindrop on the tip of the iris incredible! gail

  8. Beautiful! What a wonderful opportunity, having a professional photographer capture your garden in photos.

  9. Hi Jean, I must say your brother did an outstanding job, but also upon looking around I see you take pretty awesome photos too. I especially love the bouganvilla and those sculptures. That garden spade would go perfect in my garden:) Have a great day.

  10. Wow - really beautiful photos.

    Aren't you lucky to have such a nice brother!

    Chloe M.

  11. Wow, Jean, what awesome photos!! I love the saucers, especially. I'm also dropping by to introduce myself and to say hi and that I'm looking forward to meeting you at Spring Fling!

  12. Really great shots. I like how your brother used a shallow depth of field to concentrate on interesting details while letting the rest of the image turn into a beautiful blur.


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