Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meadow Musings

Can you imagine having this little scene right out your backyard gate? We just got back from a trip to northern California to visit all of my husband's family. While there we went to visit his sister who lives in South Lake Tahoe. This is the view she has once you go through the gate and past the pine trees along the fence.

Then as you pass the scrubbier trees you come to this:

And then this:

It's a truly lovely meadow and it's where they walk their dogs. Looking closer to the ground I found some pretty grasses.

I haven't had a chance to look up which grasses they are yet. I'll update this if I find out what they are.

A type of mullein also grows there.

I really can't imagine having that beautiful of an area available to me all the time. It would certainly keep me feeling grounded I think. But I'm happy she has it.


  1. I can't imagine, but I can fantasize! So nice that you got to enjoy it for a while too.

  2. It really is nice to leave our own little 'meadows' and see other views. It is a gorgeous meadow, and view! I always enjoy coming back home though...even if my 'meadow' is small and isn't 'really' a meadow! PS I read about your black fly, those things really do hurt! They were all over the place when I took some walks in the woods (in Maine). I had to go back to the camp a couple of times to re-spray my bugspray, because even with a hat on and covered just about everywhere, they found places to bite me! Otherwise, I love Maine!

  3. What a lovely back yard. In this area the meadows get so overgrown by late summer you can hardly walk thru them. The mullein looks familiar. I believe I've seen it in this area but don't know the scientific name.

  4. Now that's a million dollar view! I bet they have some fabulous sunsets too.

  5. You are quite the travelers! That is a beautiful 'back yard' and the dogs must look forward to their morning walks. The second grass shot is of timothy. I have some here. We used to pull the grass out of the sheath and chew on the ends. That is what the farmer's do. It has a slightly sweet flavor.

  6. That *is* one gorgeous view! The view from my niece's garage in CO is equally stunning with mountains in the distance, but she has no cool plantings near her.

  7. So lovely...even in its golden brown the meadow and yard is beautiful. I think that's V thapsis, wooly mullein. I love the big velvet leaves. Glad you had a good visit. gail

  8. Hi Jean, your travels have certainly shown some amazing sights. The thought of living with this kind of landscape boggles the mind. I love the grasses too, and the evergreens are majestic. Mountains always make my heart glad. :-)

  9. Beautiful Post Jean... gorgeous meadow and views! I should visit often if I were you! I imagine it is afire with flowers in the spring.


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