Friday, September 18, 2009

Rainy Day Blooms and a late GBBD

I've been woefully negligent about posting, even missing Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for the month. Maybe I have nothing interesting to say or show these days! But actually, part of the problem is all the rain we've had lately. Here's a witness to the rain - my very droopy garlic chives.

Despite the rain and lack of sunshine, the Autumn Joy Sedum is heading towards its fall climax of darker rusty hues. I do like the soft pink it has now though.

Behind the sedum is the rosemary, starting to bloom again, and behind that, the Mexican Sage, Salvia leucantha. I hope the Sage can hold off on its full flowering potential until the Mexican Mint Marigold, Tagetes lucida, starts blooming. It should be a knockout combo. Here's a closeup of the Sage.

The rains and the time of year have brought out the spider lilies, Lycoris radiata, also known as hurricane lilies. This isn't the best photo to show off their color. Perhaps when the sun comes out again (if ever!) I'll post a better photo.

Here's a surprise bloom for this time of year, a bloom on my Wavy Leaf cactus.

Next to the cactus is the Gulf Muhly grass. It's just now starting to produce its seedheads.

Another grass now showing off its seedheads is Inland Sea Oats, Chasmanthium latifolium. I really love this shade loving grass although I'm afraid it may get weedy here. But so far, so good. I have to buy plants like this in other states because we have a very limited selection of plants here.

And speaking of plant shopping in other places, here's a snap of fellow blogger Cindy of My Corner of Katy, hauling away some goodies she bought at one of her favorite nurseries, Enchanted Forest outside of Houston. Cindy was kind enough to introduce me to this nursery when I was visiting family in Houston last weekend. And yes, I hauled off a few plants too!


  1. The rain sure brings out the best in flowers and grasses, doesn't it? I enjoyed seeing what you have in bloom.

    And that Cindy, she's kind of a plantaholic, isn't she! What plants did you haul off from there?

  2. Everywhere I go these days, it's raining...and not a drop in central Illinois:) Your garden certainly looks like it's appreciating it, though, Jean. Those spider lilies look lovely dressed in some raindrops. What fun to meet up with Cindy and go plant shopping! I see she comes prepared for a serious expedition--pickup truck and all:)

  3. Jean, It sure has been strange weather. This is our dry season! Everyone in Nashville et al is ready for it to move up North or to TX where they need it! The plants love the rain, but it does take a toll on the flower and the gardener. Your spider lily is lovely...Which reminds me, where are mine?

    How nice to visit with Cindy...I bet that was fun.


  4. I love the Spider Lilies, with their intense red. I have Chasmanthium, and am still trying to get rid of it. It seeded all over, so I started cutting off the seedheads. Then I realized that I was growing the plant for the seedheads, so, what's the point? I hope you have better luck with it.
    How fun to go plant shopping with Cindy!

  5. It was a treat for me to visit Enchanted Forest with you, Jean, and I hope we'll get to repeat the experience on your next visit!

    I love those spider lilies ... would you trade a few of those for some turk's caps, barbados cherry and assorted other plants from MCOK?

  6. Hi Jean, lots of rain here too and not much to talk about gardenwise. Yours looks like it's heading into its prime fall color though. I'm glad you got to go shopping with Cindy. She's a hoot.~~Dee

  7. Carol - yes that Cindy is a definite plantaholic! I hauled off a number of plants from there and another nursery I visited later. Most of them were good deals on plants I had been looking for for our Master Gardener butterfly/bird garden that we're developing for a local park. They included Salvia "Indigo Spires", flame acanthus, a yellow variety of firecracker plant (for me), butterfly weed (asclepias), Echinacea "Rubinstern Red", plumbago, and for me a "Kaleidoscope Abelia", which is a smallish variegated (yellow and green) Abelia. And probably some other things that I've forgotten about.

    Cindy - of course I'll trade you some spider lilies! Let me figure out when's the best time to dig them out (probably right after blooming).

  8. Hi Jean, how fun to see Cindy at the end of this post! I know she took you to some great places, for Houston is loaded with them. Sounds like your plant list was fulfilled. Love that Indigo spires especially. Our muhly is not open all the way yet either, but getting closer every day. :-)

  9. Jean, you must be the 'Most Traveled Blogger' this year! Glad to hear you got to shop with Cindy. What fun. Hope Jeff is all back to normal.

  10. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments! much appreciated

    Its been raining here to last week but its better now!

    your blog is lovely i really enjoyed being here!

  11. My rosemary never blooms. I wonder why? The blooms are quite pretty aren't they?

  12. Now you just need to come to Austin to visit some of our favorite nurseries! I'm going to have check out some of the Houston ones on my next visit. What are the LA ones like? And to Linda -- I used to say the same thing about my rosemary, and lo and behold I saw a single bloom on one yesterday.

  13. Meredith - I only moved to LA from Austin 4.5 years ago. So I know all the good Austin nurseries, my fave being Barton Springs Nursery. When I go back to visit friends I always visit a few nurseries because the ones in my area don't carry much variety. The native plant craze hasn't hit here yet either!

  14. Jean,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I love discovering bloggers in the deep south - you and I must be in the same zone, huh? I have the exact same things blooming right now. I will be back!

  15. I'm looking at blogs from blotanical this evening. I enjoyed discovering yours. I don't get all the bloom day posts looked at. This was a fun one. I love your macro post, too. I just did a post relating how I just discovered how to find my "super macro".


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