Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

It looks like this is a big month for daffodils for me on this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Above you can see a number of Jetfire daffs as well as some gangly King Alfreds (fyi, I've heard that most King Alfreds sold here are not really King Alfreds, hmm). I think I'm going to move the King Alfreds farther away from the Jetfires since I think the Jetfires are so pretty on their own.

Jetfire narcissus close up

The daffodils above came with our yard so I don't know what kind they are. They all did extremely well this year. I hear that's because we had such cold weather in winter!

Among the unknown variety of daffodils is one frilly one. I don't know whether this is a mutant or a "real" variety. Here's a few more daffs from around the yard.

Campernelle daffodil

Texas Star daffodil

Louisiana Sweetie jonquils

And just to make sure I get all the bulbs in one place, here's a Snowflake (Leucojum) for your viewing pleasure.

Snowflake (Leucojum)

And just a couple more photos to go.

Pearl Maxwell camellia

Broadleaf Creeping Phlox, Phlox stolonifera ‘Sherwood Purple’

I'm very excited to see my creeping phlox blooming. I bought one plant last year as an experiment for my woodland garden. It grew a little bit but didn't really do too much. Lo and behold it's got a number of very pretty blooms now. I hope to buy some more for the area.

Also in bloom in my garden are the rosemary plants, white irises (just starting), and the beginnings of blooms on the viburnums. Hopefully I'll have the viburnums to show next month as well as a good display of rose blooms (they're taking their sweet time after this hard winter). Stay tuned tomorrow for Foliage Follow-up hosted by Pam at Digging. I hope to post on that as well. That is, if I'm not outside all day (cheers for spring weather!). Be sure to visit Carol's website for more GBBD posts from around the world.

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  1. Photographed beautifully! A bit early for the daffs here but I truly enjoyed your preview.

  2. These photographs are just beautiful!
    I'm jealous you have snowflakes. I keep trying to get people in my neighborhood to let me dig some up!

    That camellia is gorgeous.

  3. It's that time of year, when the Daffodils are just wonderful. The frilly one that you have may be either 'butter and eggs' or Van Sion, both are heirloom types. You have to love Jetfire and all the other little cyclamineus types, they do so well in hot and humid south.

  4. Love the jetfire and of course am envious of the camellia. The former does kind of look like jet swooshing through the air, or a dog with its ears being blown back while hanging its head out of a car window!

  5. How I'd love to be in your garden now to see all those lovely daffodils! I just love them, and you have such a nice selection of old fashioned ones.

  6. The daffodils look wonderful! I love the phlox too. Happy Bloom Day!

  7. Wonderful pictures! I especially like the snowflakes :)....I am anxiously awaiting for blooms to appear in my area...daffodils and tulips are just starting to emerge!

  8. Great photos! I can't wait until we are at that point here in upstate ny. I love the Camilla.

  9. Your photography is absolutely stunning. I am green with envy.

  10. Really enjoyed all your daffodil posts. Mine are late daffs and I really need to get some small early ones. I am betting that the cold weather did help the bulbs since that is typically what they require to do well. Happy GBBD!

  11. Jean, some stunning photographs of Daffodils. I gave up long ago trying to remember all of the various names as there are so many, and with loads of new ones each year. The Camellia 'Pearl Maxwell' is stunning!

  12. I especially like your snowflakes with the touch of green at the tips of the petals.

    In 2006, I planted a Creeping Phlox, 'Pink Ridge'. It didn't do much, so I moved it in 2008 and it's done only slightly better.

    It will be May before I have daffodils as lovely as yours.


  13. jean~Texas Star is a sweetie. Is it from Southern Bulb Company? I love the variety of little dafs in your garden~the sweet jonquils are such cutie pies. Mine show up a bit later in the season~Your photos are fantastic~really delightful. Gail

  14. Hi Jean, I love the daffs and leucojum with its frilly petticoat spotted in green. Spring really has come to your neck of the woods. I would be out there every minute! :-)

  15. Thank you for your nice thoughts everyone.

    Gail - no the Texas Star didn't come from the Southern Bulb Co. I dug it up from the private bulb farm I visited (see my post on Heirloom Daffodils).

  16. Did you lie on the ground to take these photos? They are stunning.

    'Jetfire' has always been one of my favorites.

  17. I can never get enough of daffodils, Jean! I know some purists may not like the ruffly ones, but I do. To me, daffodils are the sign that spring has finally arrived. I'm hoping to see some of my own when I return home.

  18. Phillip, no I didn't lay on the ground for the photos (too wet here), just squatted. Guess all that yoga helps. :-)

    I too have become a big 'Jetfire' fan.

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