Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friendly Buffalo and Buffa10

Buffalo Cottage District

I'm finally back from my wonderful trip to Buffalo, NY, where I attended Buffa10, a garden bloggers meet-up and garden tour. One of the hopes of the organizers was that we would come away from Buffalo with a new appreciation for all the city has to offer. I know I certainly have that now. Buffalo is one mighty big garden destination and we saw a good-sized chunk of its floriferousness!

I plan to do several posts about this trip. I have to as there was so much! But when thinking about the highlights of the trip, I decided that my first post would be about the wonderful people there - the ones who organized it, all the new friends I made, and all the old friends I caught up with. First, enough good things cannot be said about Elizabeth Licata and Jim Charlier. They provided us a first-rate experience. I especially enjoyed learning more from them about their city, beyond just the wonderful gardens.

Elizabeth from Buffalo, Bonnie from CA, Pat from MA, Michele from NY and Layanee from RI in Elizabeth's garden

Here's a few other photos of the many wonderful bloggers I came to know. Some I met last year at our meet-up, some I felt I had met already through their blogs, and some I was delighted to meet and hear about their neck of the woods for the first time.

In the Japanese garden at Delaware Park

Layanee demonstrating proper "little finger technique" at our cream tea at the Shadrack's

Susan from NJ, sisters Helen and Sarah from Toronto, and Ani from MI in Jim's garden

Joseph from MI and other unknown umbrella holders at the Gordon and Brian's happy hour

Barbara from IL, Susan from TX, Lisa from SC and one mighty big hosta

How do you get 70 garden bloggers to pose for a picture? With a lot of patience I think! I'm still glowing when I think about all the great people there and the fun time I had. Thank you Elizabeth, Jim, and the city of Buffalo, for hosting us and making us all feel special. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the interesting gardens of Buffalo.

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  1. Yes, all the wonderful people made it even better than the gardens, and the gardens were pretty spectacular!

  2. Great post about all the wonderful people at Buffa10. Well said - and I'm sure we'll all echo your sentiments as well. NOW I'm off to write my first post!

  3. Meeting the people behind the blogs is why we go. The gardens are a bonus. It was great to see you again this year, Jean.

  4. Hi Jean,
    What a fabulous place Buffalo looks. I am quite jealous of the lovely tour you went on.

  5. Hi Jean, it was wonderful to see you again! We too are still digesting the many photos, remembering fondly the places and people. Buffalo wowed us all, what hospitality, and fabulous gardens!

  6. You've captured the spirit - everyone smiled and laughed through the heat,then the rain, then basked in the gorgeous weather that followed!

  7. What a weekend. Buffalo did itself proud~and Elizabeth and Jim were extraordinary hosts. The gardens were wonderful, but spending time with bloggers is why I attend! It was really good to see you again. gail

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun--I'm enjoying all the photos of Buffalo, which seems to have some great gardening going on!

  9. Wished I had gone ....booo hooo..I am enjoying, seeing and being there through your eyes.

  10. It was so much fun meeting you! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better on your blog.

  11. It really is all about the people. I'm so glad I got to spend time with you this year. It was great fun!

  12. Your post captures the spirit of how MUCH fun it to get to know you and other bloggers in an amazingly garden-drenched city.

    It was great to have met you-- we obviously have a lot in common in our gardening style as well as our educational background!

    Hope to see you in Dallas-- I think I'm going to try to squeeze in a trip.



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