Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miracle on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Lanai 'Bright Pink' verbena

This morning, before my coffee and my usual watering and Sunday garden clean-up, I half-heartedly brought my camera outside in the hopes that there would be at least one nice looking bloom for this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. This long-lasting heat, humidity and droughty weather has tired out both the garden and the gardener. So imagine how surprised I was to find many blooms; it wasn't like late spring or early summer mind you, but still, a very pleasant surprise. Almost a miracle, actually.

'Autumn Joy' sedum

Because I have more photos than normal, I'll spare you much narrative.

Knock Out rose, not a pink one, just lighter than normal for some reason

Verbena bonariensis
Painted Lady butterfly on buddleia (the blooms are smaller this time of year)

Blooms from some type of purple basil (lost the tag); I let this bloom for the bees

'Calliope' eggplant with the ubiquitous flea beetle in front of the bloom!

'Sun Gold' tomato blooms, revived by some rain; this should bloom & produce through fall

Flame acanthus, Anisicanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii

Flame acanthus plant

I put this second photo of flame acanthus in this post so you can see that the plant isn't really totally covered in blooms. At least mine has never been that way. Maybe that's because it gets a little more shade than I know it could take. Although it sprawls quite a bit in this area, I keep it because the hummingbirds are so fond of it. And speaking of hummers...

Hummingbird at 'Black and Blue' salvia

My 'Black and Blue' salvia, Salvia guaranitica, is looking pretty bedraggled right now, but then it always does by this time of year. I've had this plant for four years now and am thinking I'll replace it with a fresh one when I find another. The hummingbirds really love this plant as well. Yesterday I saw a hummer chase off a swallowtail butterfly from it!

Unknown variety of crapemyrtle

'Zagreb' coreopsis; are you tired of seeing this nonstop bloomer yet? I'm not!

'Patrick's' abutilon

I've done a little research on this particular abutilon on the Internet and just had to laugh at what I saw. The only references I could find for it came from Austin garden bloggers. And Austin is where I bought this one. I think it really needs to move beyond there as it's so dependable. So I'm doing my part to get it beyond central Texas!

Cicada shell on 'Patrick's' abutilon

Last of the black-eyed Susans ('Goldsturm' variety)

'Lemon Spreader' lantana in front of 'Rainbow Bush', Portulacaria afra ‘Variegata’

Closeup of 'Lemon Spreader'

Well, I was going to try to show you a blow-by-blow of this little hummer coming in and out for food, but Blogger is not behaving as it's supposed to (what else is new?). So you only get two little photos, but you can click on them to see a larger view.

Other blooms in the garden include 'Red Cascade' climbing rose, melampodium, 'Hip Hop' euphorbia, purple coneflower, some peppers, 'Lizard Lips' aloe, and 'Victoria Blue' salvia. Be sure to check out Carol's GBBD post to see what's blooming all over the world on this day!

This post was written by Jean McWeeney for my blog Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog. Copyright 2010. Please contact me for permission to copy, reproduce, scrape, etc.


  1. Pretty blooms! And what cute humming birds!

  2. My Anisacanthus never flowers like I see it in pictures. I have never figured it out. Although I do think I might be growing it in a little too much shade and it gets a little more love than it expects.

  3. It's amazing the number of plants that we have in common - well, maybe not so amazing since you are in Louisiana and I'm in Texas. Yours are looking very good, indeed.

  4. Jean - Loved your comment about the Abutilon. I had that one last year, but lost it in our frigid winter. I couldn't find good info on it either!

  5. Birdwoman - I buy many of my plants from Houston and Austin, so it shouldn't be surprising that we have plants in common. :-)

    Diana - I was worried about my abutilon coming back. I mulched it quite heavily and although it was a bit slow, it came back nicely. I would bet that most of the 'Patrick's' came from Barton Springs Nursery!

  6. Lots of lovely blooms, Jean, in spite of this hot, hot summer! I was surprised, too, when I went out with my camera to find more blooms than I expected. I guess our gardens are surviving the heat better than we think. Great shots of the hummingbird! They've been frequent visitors here, too, but always seem to appear when I don't have my camera with me:)

  7. yay to hummingbirds! i'm glad they're enjoying your garden. they must see it as an oasis this time of year... enjoy watching them!

  8. Way to go on the multiple hummer shots. My Salvia guaranitica is always a little sad this time of year too, but it's due for a haircut, and that should revitalize it for fall. I keep meaning to plant Verbena bonariensis; yours is so pretty.

  9. Jean,

    You have so many beautiful blooms for August! I love your hummingbird feeder, as I see the hummers do too. Your plants are much farther along then mine, I'm still anticipating :-)


  10. Black and blue salvia is indeed wonderful--I love the intense color. Also love Verbena bonariensis, one of my faves. And aren't eggplant blossoms the cutes?

  11. I have blooms, but as I said in my post, they're attached to some pretty manky plants! Yours are lovely. I like the soft yellow of that Lemon Spreader lantana. Too funny about the hummer chasing off the swallowtail!

  12. What great shots of the hummingbirds, you were very patient to get them. Love the black and blue salvia, unfortunately only an annual here.

  13. Jean, A wonderful bloom day post and your photos are really fine! I do like eggplant flowers they're such a sweet promise of the aubergine color! gail

  14. Very impressive Jean, please keep it up :)

  15. Hi Jean,
    Some wonderful plants in your garden, I am quite jealous. I had no idea that hummingbirds were so small, amazing little things!

  16. Are you saying you didn't notice any of this glory on Saturday? Hmmmm. I must get some Verbena bonariensis. Wonderful photos.


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