Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Still Around!

Simple bird bath
Yes, I'm still around. Yet, despite my pledge to blog more and visit more blogs, I'm still way behind. Busy? Yes. Gardening? Well, no. But that's another story.
Giant okra at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School garden
Two weeks ago I attended the Garden Writers Association (GWA) Symposium in Dallas. It was quite a whirlwind and I enjoyed every second of it. It was fun to see old friends (a shout out to Susan, Cindy, Andrea, Lisa, Carol, Dee, and all my old blogger buds) and to meet new ones. Gardeners are the friendliest people.

Of course, we went on a few garden tours and saw quite a diversity of gardens. From Highland Park to a school garden, we saw the gamut. I hope some day soon to post more pics of the tours, but in the meantime, here's a taste of that diversity.

Pump House detail, Turtle Creek
Looks like Blogger has improved the way one uploads photos, so maybe I won't consider blogging such a long process anymore. Now if I could just get my mouse fixed, my photo software upgraded, some rain in the garden, and my broken toe healed, all would be right with my world! Back soon, I promise. :-)
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  1. Broken toe! Take care of those pegs! Hope your toe heals soon.

  2. Hang in there, Jean. We'll be around whenever you do time find to blog!

    Hope that toe heals quickly!

  3. Yep, blogger seems to be much better with photos!

  4. Jean - I am so sorry to hear about the broken toe. I'm glad you got to the GWA thing. I wish I could have joined you.

  5. Ouch! A broken toe can be awfully painful; hope it heals soon for you, Jean.

    I'm hoping for a "cure" for my computer which keeps crashing after about 20 minutes on the internet. I've been reading lots of blogs 2 or 3 times before being able to leave a comment:)

  6. Yikes a broken toe~It gets in the way of many an activity! I am also behind on blogging, reading, etc~We can catch up this winter! gail

  7. ROFLOL over Susan's Yo! It was great hanging out with y'all and I look forward to the next opportunity. That birdbath was one of my fave things, too. Those are MY colors!

  8. Oh, dear! Hope the broken toe happened after the GWA trip.

  9. Wow, that okra is amazing! Glad you had fun at gwa. Has it cooled down yet?

  10. Ouch, a broken toe! The one I had back as a college student has turned into my troublesome toe -- hope that doesn't happen to you.

    And GWA was such fun, and great to meet up again with so many blogging friends.

    I share your thoughts about not having much time to write posts, much less read all the wonderful posts of others!


  11. Hi Jean, that birdbath is beautiful;) One of these years I'd like to attend one of the 'gatherings'. From other blogger's reports, Dallas sounded interesting--but very HOT. Perhaps I'll make it to Indy next year. Sorry about that toe!


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