Sunday, December 5, 2010

Housing Plants Indoors - Envy

Bellamy plant collection
Now that we're fully in the season where some of our outdoor plants have settled indoors for a while, I've been thinking about how to show them off to their best. Right now my indoor plants are kind of plunked here and there. There's a few lined up at a window on an old family bench and the bigger plants (my lemon tree and bay tree) are basically hogging as much window space as they can. But nothing looks finished, as though they were meant for those areas.

Not so for these plants in this post. I took these photos at the GWA Symposium in Dallas back in September. It's obvious that these plants were meant for these spaces and these spaces were meant for enjoyment. I'm envious. Check out the beautiful square pots juxtaposed with the circular window in the Robert Bellamy home in the first photo.

Riser-Armstrong garden pavilion
The East Dallas private garden tour we went on was my favorite. One of the gardens we visited, the Rister-Armstrong garden, had a series of garden rooms, both indoors and out. Their garden pavilion, modeled on early 20th century English and American traditions, fit their home perfectly. These windows are stunning! Following are some more details of their garden pavilion.

Rister-Armstrong shelf detail
Rister-Armstrong ceiling detail - it's a high one!
Rister-Armstrong wallpaper detail
I found the Rister-Armstrong garden pavilion to be breathtaking although not really my style, but I can appreciate it nonetheless. However, here's the type of plant room that makes me envious:

Bellamy orchid window
There's something about these old windows and its casual arrangement of plants that I just love.

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  1. Hi Jean,

    Fantastic! For me, the best one is the Riser Armstrong stained glass bay window at the start, although all of them are styles that I would like. I suppose I would need a huge house though.

  2. Oh crud. I feel like a loser. I had a newspaper photographer here last week shooting my indoor winter plants for an article I'll be interviewed for on Tuesday (publication date in January). I feel so inadequate after seeing these photos! The windows in the second photo are great. I don't have a plant room as much as I've jammed plants into every conceivable corner of any room with an iota of winter light. These plant-dedicated rooms are something I can pine for, but will never have.

  3. Those are gorgeous! I wish my indoor plants looked that great.

  4. Oh! This is wonderful! Love those stained glass windows. Thanks for sharing. :))

  5. Oh Jean, Those are truly enviable shots! I know what I need now: an orchid window, even though I don't grow orchids, it looks like it would come in handy.

  6. What a beautiful place, Jean! I envy anyone who can maintain beautiful houseplants all year round. Somehow my green thumb, if I have one, works only outdoors, not indoors.

  7. What a beautiful place! I have one violet that lives on the window sill above my kitchen sink and that's it. But seeing those picture makes me want more!!

  8. Jean, that is my style - I love all the turn of the last century, Arts & Crafts stuff. I had to laugh at your description of your indoor plant arrangements. It sounds almost as bad as mine. I have no good windows for plants & only 1 small plant stand that holds 1 plant. Pathetic.


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