Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

'Goldsturm' rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan)
I'm a little late for this Bloom Day (seems I only have time to blog on weekends these days). I could complain about the weather here, but I'll try to spare you. Many plants are doing their customary peak of summer shutdown a bit early. Guess the heat and lack of rain started too early for them. But my stalwart black-eyed Susans are still managing a cheerful show.

Black-eyed Susan and Eupatorium dubium 'Little Joe' (Joy-Pye weed)
Next to one of my stands of Susans (I have plenty to spare if you want some!) is this 'Little Joe' Joe-Pye weed that I was most excited to find locally this spring. Considering that this plant likes it a bit moist, it's doing pretty well. It's supposed to be a short variety, reaching only 48 inches tall (versus the 6 feet or more the usual Joe-Pyes get), but this one probably hasn't grown over 12 inches, pretty much as short as it was when I bought it. It was fairly potbound, and coupled with lack of rain, it may just want to stay this short this year. But since it's so short, I can't see it from my patio! I bought it for the butterflies so I'll just have to trust they're finding it.

'Coral Nymph' salvia and bumble
This is kind of an odd view of this plant but these plants are pretty short as well. Besides, I was going after the bumblebee shot, not the plant. 'Coral Nymph' salvia is a self-seeder in my garden and pretty much comes up whereever I let it. They've gotten shorter as the years go by, now about 10-12 inches. They're a nice filler plant though.

Heirloom 'Yellowstone' daylily and Wave spreading petunia in background
I'm loving this little daylily. It's an heirloom I bought from Old House Gardens, fragrant, from 'Hyperion' parentage, and its blooms last well into the night. OHG warned it may not bloom its first year but no problem here (maybe they say that for more northerly gardeners??). Though I'm not much of a petunia fan, these purple Wave spreaders are still looking pretty decent and are a nice contrast to the daylilies.

Poblanos with dead 'Sky Pencil' holly in background
OK, I had to show at least one casualty of the drought. Not these lovely poblano peppers but the brown and very dead 'Sky Pencil' holly behind them. I have had a tough time with some of the shrubs I planted in the fall. Probably the larger the plant, the tougher time it's had. Ah well. My husband said "Remember how in Austin you had to just let go of some plants when the drought would get bad?" That was supposed to remind me that sometimes there's not much I can do and like it or not, I got through the summer and just started over again. Guess I have no choice! It can be a bit expensive though. :-/

I hope you hop on over to Carol's blog to see what's happening around the world on Bloom Day. Stay cool (Seattle weather - here I come!!).

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  1. It all looks great - in spite of the heat. I'm sure you're giving them some extra TLC these days. My garden has been more work than ever before this year in the drought. But I still had lots of blooms for GBBD.

  2. Sorry for the loss of sky pencil. Sometimes I have to rethink what to plant in droughty times. I moved two hydrangeas and killed 'em both.

  3. Your Black-eyed Susans certainly are looking good; nice bright color during our hot, dry times. Happy GBBD!

  4. Love your rudbeckias, Jean! Nice bee shot as well. Don't you love how the bees "hug" the salvia blossoms as they burrow into them for the nectar? Happy GBBD!

  5. hey jean, nice rudbeckia & eupatorium combo (i'll take some of those rudbeckia's off your hands when i'm in your neck of the woods). nice capture of the big bumbler too - i often wonder how they can gather pollen from flowers that are smaller than them, but i guess they manage somehow. sorry about your sky pencil holly - any chance it's sensitive to soil conditions? there's so many factors that contribute to success/failure of plant growth. maybe you can try to grow another somewhere else in your garden - when it cools down, that is. see you soon :)

  6. So sorry about your holly, Jean. I bought quite a few new shrubs this spring and am trying my best to keep them watered, though fortunately, we have not had the drought you are experiencing. Your peppers look great, though! Good old Susan--I love these tough plants!

  7. I have rudbeckia planted near my Joe pye weed as well, although 'Goldsturm' is a bit of a waterhog for me. Despite the weather, your plants look great!

  8. Beautiful! It'll be interesting to see how 'Little Joe' does for you...mine is slow to get started, but still seems to reach almost 6' tall by the time it blooms. Then again, my regular Joe Pye gets almost 8' tall. I do find that 'Little Joe' is less prone to flopping...and more upright.

  9. Hi Jean! Your Black-eyed Susans look spectacular. I can't wait for mine to bloom - hopefully in a few more weeks :) Wonderful meeting you in Seattle!

  10. love the mushrooms and Pink Muhly! Wonderful photos thoughout the site! Thanks for sharing


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