Friday, March 16, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Bulb-o-rama!

Tulipa clusiana
On the 15th of every month it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Though I may be a little late (Blogger problems), I can't pass up posting in springtime, can I? In the last week our area has exploded with blooms of all kinds. I've had my bulbs going for a while but I still have some to show off. So I'll start off with my Bulb-o-rama exhibit and then show a few other pretties blooming in the yard. Gotta love that clusiana tulip, which reliably returns each spring.
The color of these 'Treviathian' daffs is no joke; the darkest yellow ones I've ever seen.
'Ice Follies' daffodils in the front yard. Alas, they faded fast this year with the warm temperatures.
'Excelsior' Spanish bluebells, Hyacinthoides hispanica - this latest purchase from Old House Gardens had huge bulbs compared to last year's purchase.
Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia'
White "cemetery" iris - the ones on my little hillside are always the first iris to bloom in my yard.
The 'Mrs. R.O. Backhouse' daffodils are interesting. According to Old House Gardens, she was known as THE pink daffodil for decades. But as you can see, she starts out with a yellowish cup (left) that matures to an apricot color (right).
An older 'Mrs. Backhouse' - isn't she a faded beauty?
'Thalia' daffodil
Through the gate "sidelight" - 'Thalia' daffs and Wave petunias
I'm so excited I finally grew some borage from seed! The flowers taste similar to cucumbers and can be used as a garnish.
Almost forgot to show you my "Wave Purple Improved Spreading" petunia (as it was labeled).I planted this last spring and I've never fertilized them or done anything to them really. In fact I meant to cut it back a few weeks ago. Guess it was made for this mild winter.
A new hellebore for me, 'HGC Joker' has upright blooms.
'Hinckley's' columbine I think. I bought it in Texas (where Hinckley's is common)  last year but it had no label.
Lanai Bright Pink verbena with blooming rosemary and candytuft in the background.
Not blooms exactly but if you squeeze your eyes almost shut they could look like blooms! One of my latest fun projects.
I really need to stop now! Hop on over to Carol's blog to see other GBBD contributors!
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  1. Looks like Spring has arrived over there in the Northern Hemisphere. Lovely photographs. I have just planted my bulbs ready for our Spring in September.

  2. You really have a talent for succulent arrangements. They look very natural yet artistic. The rocks add so much. Lovely bulbs! I tried to grow Thalia here in the TX hill country but she must not have liked something here. Bloomed only the first year.

  3. Your garden is beautiful. How I wish I could grow tulips!

  4. Everything looks so pretty!
    I was hoping for a field of daffodils, out in our Deer Grove. But, they haven't bloomed for two years now. But, yours look great.
    And, I love those little clusianas. I need to find some of those.
    More plants for 'the list'.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, I love that little succulent tray! The flowers too, of course.

  6. Sandy - this is the first year for my Thalia daffs, so we'll see how they do. I do find growing daffodils here in north Louisiana much easier than when I gardened in Austin.

    Darla - you might want to give clusiana tulips a try. I know you're in FL but they really are the best tulips for the South.

    My thanks to everyone for their compliments!

  7. Such beautiful flowers! Wonderful!
    And a cute little rock garden container!
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie

  8. Everything looks lovely and so "spring-y", Jean! I love the large swath of daffodils in your front yard. I always have a vision of something like this here, but I never seem to plant enough:) The 'Backhouse' daffs are an interesting variety--I'll have to look for some of those. I'm excited, too, to see your borage--I have some seeds I want to try this year; hope my efforts are as successful as yours!

  9. Jean, it's beautiful. Spring is certainly speeding by.~~Dee

  10. I am looking forward to my spring bloomers, but they won't look like yours, even this month on GBBD. Just beautiful.

  11. So beautiful when the bulbs come back!

  12. Love that succulent dish! I'm doing a drought-tolerant container program tomorrow and succulents are definitely part of it!

  13. Superbes fleurs, c'est top j'ai mis sur mon blog une photo qui donne un aperçu de l quantité de compost qu'on peut produire en une année :

  14. hey you! i see your post was back in march, but i think that's when i last posted too! and here it is may already... looking forward to catching up with you in asheville. we can revel in our bad-garden-blogess together.

  15. Thanks for stopping in on GWGT. Loved visiting at the Fling. I see you had quite a bit blooming in March. That Tulipa clusiana is really pretty. My May garden was pretty sad when I got back home. A lot of work ahead since we had no rain.


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