Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Early Spring and the Bulb Blooms are Bursting

'Mrs. Backhouse', an heirloom daffodil
Well ... maybe the bulbs are not bursting. In fact, it's been a slow spring as far as bloomers go, and the daffodils in my garden are not as floriferous as last year. But then we've all had some weird weather, haven't we? Right now it's probably colder than it was a month ago! Speaking of which, I'd like to show you a few things that have been blooming since mid February.

'Ruby Giant' crocuses - pretty diminutive but big on color
'Stella' daffodil, inherited with my yard and finally identified with the help of Dr. Gladden Willis of Willis Farm Nursery
More Sweeties, which seem to do well at the top of my garden, i.e., where there's good drainage.
Moving into March, here's a few more that started blooming.

Hoop petticoats, an old-fashioned, funny looking daffodil
Tulipa clusiana, likes dry soil in summer, moisture in fall, and blooms better after hot summers, hooray!
Another clusiana tulip - 'Cynthia'
'Thalia' daffodils
One thing I didn't notice until this year is that all the bulbs that I've ordered, with the exception of some of the heirloom tulips and Spanish bluebells, are white or nearly so! I'm not sure why; I guess they just appeal to me. All my yellow daffodils have been pass-alongs, though I love them too.

'Beersheba' daffodil
'Geranium' daffodils
A view across some of the daffs in the side yard. That's a fig tree on the left that I'm trying to espalier.
Looking in the opposite direction towards the pergola and mini-deck. The garden is still a youngster!
Phlox stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple' - unfortunately this is dying out on me. Not enough moisture is my guess.
Lest you think my garden is full of flowers, the square beds are just getting started. That's candytuft (Iberis sempervirens) blooming in white.
Last look at the purple on my Yucca aloifolia 'Purpurea'. The purple color disappears as soon as the weather heats up.
Viburnum obovatum 'Mrs. Schiller's Delight' about to burst into bloom. Watch out, it suckers!
That's about all I have time to post about. And that's probably enough. I can't wait for a month from now when things will really be picking up in the garden!

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  1. Nothing prettier than clumps of daffs in the spring and you have such a selection. But you are right about the poor showing this year. They came in dribs and drabs and were smashed by wind. What kind of fig? A dwarf rootstock? I once had dreams of an espalier but it grew so big in 2 years we had to remove it. It sent its roots into my veggy beds and D thought it might undermine the house.

  2. Would love to be "bundled up" (in relative terms) sipping a glass of wine with you, admiring your daffs and tulips. Other than snowdrops, the bulbs are just beginning to peep their noses up from the soil here.

  3. All your bulbs are wonderful, but I especially like that hoop petticoat. I have a couple of Daffs, but I need more, so that is going on my list. Your purple Yucca is looking wonderfully healthy. And I love your pergola/deck combo!

  4. Jenny, I don't know what kind of fig it is. I bought it from a very small nursery and she had forgotten the variety. I do hope the fig doesn't get out of hand. I'm almost sure it's not on dwarf rootstock.

  5. Love your daffs and other bulbs, Jean, as well as the wide views of your spring garden.

  6. Your daffies are delightful! I have just about decided to give up on growing most of them here. Even the varieties traditionally considered suitable for warm winter climates just won't bloom for me. It's terribly frustrating!

  7. Lovely to see all your spring bloomers, Jean! I've become fond of white daffodils, too, and most of the different varieties I've planted in the past year or two have been white rather than yellow. They just look so pristine in the springtime.

  8. Lovely, Jean!

    March was incredibly cool for us, too, so things are all scrambled up now in April, as we're finally having 'seasonable' weather. Lovely, though, to have camellias crossing paths with redbuds (and almost now, dogwoods)....

  9. That's the beauty for having a spring garden.. They are surely very lovely daffodils.

  10. A think film of snow is covering my snowdrops this morning. I have not given up hope that spring will come. And stay.


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