Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - Summer Transition

Poppy from seed I bought at the Chelsea Physic Garden

Well, this is what happens when I don't blog often enough - spring flies by and summer is here! This year I've got very few spring posts and photos from my own garden. Now that Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is here, it seems fitting to catch up on May and then show you what June has in store. And since it's been a while, I hope you don't mind lots of pictures!

'Mango Popsicle' kniphofia - I've been enjoying this one. It requires no care whatsoever and blooms are constant.

This is my best yellow daylily - first to start blooming and many blooms. 
You can tell I've already started to transition to summer with this daylily pic. This year's crop of daylilies has been a mixed bag for me. Many of them are shorter than usual and some of them got a good case of daylily streak. I think it was the long, wet spring. But these tough flowers still manage to bloom! If I don't tell you the name of the daylily, it's because it was a passalong and I don't know the name.

One of my favorites daylilies. I call it Dreamsicle but I really don't know what its real name is.

I have lots of daylilies that are this color. They are some of the ones who didn't grow very tall this year.

'Windmill Yellow' daylily - it has massive blooms and our own Joywalk Daylilies wins awards with it.

Another one of my favorite daylilies - 'Crimson Pirate'

Okay, last daylily photo. This is 'Yellowstone', a progeny of 'Hyperion' that is very floriferous and fragrant.

Moving to a cooler spot - Southern wood fern, inland sea oats, and oakleaf hydrangea.

And more coolness, a rex begonia

The figs on my espalier are plumping! I only hope the tree rats and birds leave me a few.

I bought a few milkweeds, 'Silky Deep Red' variety, for the monarch butterflies but I've only seen one monarch.  

The long spring we had has delayed ripening of my tomatoes. This is 'Black Cherry'.

Some cool looking dragonfly nymphs on my papyrus in my stock tank pond.

I can't forget to spotlight 'Belinda's Dream' rose, now in its second flush of blooms for the year. There are 'Yellowstone' daylilies and coneflowers in the background.

Wow, my sacred lotus finally bloomed! And I have several more in bud - excitement!

'Grand Marshall' monarda (bee balm) is starting to pop. It's great for pollinators and hummers.

Last but not least, my new tuteur. Gotta get cracking at planting some moon vine and exotic love vine (Mina lobata) at its base!

I hope you managed to make it through my compendium of late spring and early summer garden highlights. And I hope you'll visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what other folks around the world have blooming on this Bloom Day. Oh, and I hope to see you at the Garden Bloggers Fling in San Francisco later this month. If you won't be able to make it, I promise to post about it, and hopefully before the summer is out, ha!

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  1. You have so many cool blooms! Those daylilies are just beautiful. And that sacred lotus is wonderful!

  2. Oh Jean, that was short compared to my Bloom Day post. I loved seeing your daylilies, ours haven't started blooming yet, and they're one of my favorite flowers. The Fling is going to be glorious. I hope I have a chance to say hi to you. It's always such a big, noisy crowd!

  3. So many pretty flowers in bloom. I love the lotus & the nymph photos.

  4. So many pretty blooms--I don't know where to begin, Jean! Seeing your daylilies is making me excited for summer blooms. And gosh, that lotus bloom is just beautiful!

    I won't be able to make it to San Francisco, so I'm looking forward to enjoying seeing your photos and enjoying it vicariously through everyone else's eyes. Have fun!

  5. You have some very pretty blooms in your garden; you have reminded me that I should grow Monarda. Christina

  6. That pink poppy is luscious! I'm a big daylily fan, so enjoyed your post! Thanks for the lovely tour.

  7. Beautiful garden! Beautiful blooms! Love that poppy. So jealous of you figtree. I had one but it didn't survive the severe winter of two years ago. I'll really have to look for a replacement. Love Monarda! And WOW, Lotusflowers in your garden! Amazing!

  8. Your garden looks wonderful! I love the photo with the dragon fly nymphs! Great shot!

  9. Hi again Jean, Hi Jean, wrong, I'm in Italy. Roses need heat to harden their wood. Christina

    1. Hi Christina - I wonder why I thought you were in Britain? Italy is one of my favorite countries. :-)

  10. Your Lotus flower is amazing! My fig tree has lots of figs this year, it's mainly ants that get into them in my yard. I planted lots of nut trees and they keep the squirrels busy.;-)

  11. It was so cold here this spring that the daylilies are two weeks late to bloom, and our daylily show had to be canceled. No one had any blooms yet to show. Mine are just starting. Fun to see yours. I walked around today and thought of al the ones I forgot to tag when I planted them. Oh well, they shall remain nameless, but loved.

    Your potager makes my heart sing Jean. It really does.~~Dee

  12. Wonderful photos. I love the Windmill daylily and the poppy. The lotus is quite spectacular.

  13. I love that purple monarda. I have a scarlet and a magenta, but purple would be wonderful. I've been thinking about adding milkweeds, beyond the regular kind. Your photograph is very inspiring. My garden is still in spring mode and the Annual Rose Viewing is coming up in another week.

  14. That lotus really is spectacular! Wish I had room for one.

  15. You have a lovely garden. Hope to meet you at the Fling!

  16. The word beautiful doesn't fit on this garden to describe it.. Spectacular garden!

  17. The pictures are breathtaking - great job. I look forward to seeing more.

    God Bless,

    Matt Sullivan


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