Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All These January Blooms

Prunus mume 'Peggy Clark' flowering apricot blooms

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is the 15th of every month but January is usually a challenge for those of us in the northern hemisphere. How do we show off our blooming plants when it's snowing, raining, or everything is dormant? I certainly didn't expect to find many blooms when I scouted the yard. But that's because I forgot about my 'Peggy Clark' flowering apricot.

Long shot of the 'Peggy Clark' flowering apricot tree

'Peggy Clark' blooms every January and sometimes starts as early as late December. Last year it started a bit late because of some hard freezes. It's called a "flowering apricot" because it doesn't really make edible apricots. I bought it for the blooms and because it doesn't get too big (15-20 feet). For many years (10?) it never made apricots but then last year... ugh, it dropped a TON of them! They're very sour but supposedly you can pickle them. No thanks.

Native witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana

A few years ago I planted a native witch hazel for wildlife. I had no idea that the blooms would be SO tiny. I can't see the blooms from my house and in fact, I have to really stick my nose in the plant to find them. They are pretty though, especially this time of year.

Muscari armeniacum 'Alida', aka grape hyacinth

There are a few early bulbs starting to bloom. The grape hyacinth are butting on buds. Their leaves come up in the fall, long straggly leaves. These 'Alida' grape hyacinths are from a batch I bought last year, most of which I potted up, so I'm happy to see them again.

Unknown paperwhite, probably Narcissus x italicus.

This narcissus popped up unexpectedly on the side of the carport. I don't remember planting it so I'm not sure what it is though I'm guessing it's an italicus type of narcissus.

Unknown but it might be 'Grand Soleil d'Or' paperwhite

Another unknown narcissus is this lovely golden one. I believe this came from a blend of bulbs I planted last year. You never know for sure what bulbs are in blends!

Matthiola incana, aka stock

I purchased a six-pack of stock a few months ago. I thought they were all white but it turned out only one was. But all of them were double blooms until this single showed up. I really like the color on this one.

'Little Women' rose

I was surprised to see a number of little blooms on my 'Little Women' rose. I love this rose bush. It reblooms all summer long and the blooms are fragrant. In spring and summer the blooms are light pink but now they are this lovely, dark rosy pink.

Sugar snap pea

Last but not least is this tail-end of a bloom from my sugar snap peas. I planted the peas in September but it was so hot then. Then came the deluge of rains from October through December. So they're just now putting on peas!

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  1. Beautiful bulbs blooming, and I absolutely love the Flowering Apricot!

  2. That apricot in bloom is delightful. Really beautiful photos!

  3. Love the pale pink of Peggy Clark. I wonder if mine will produce fruit like yours did? Beautiful photos, love the dark purple Stock. I assumed they bloomed in the spring...late spring. Lovely blooms all around.

  4. Beautiful flowering apricot.
    I never do well with fall planting peas. Mine go in next month.

  5. We had wonderful flowering apricots at the South Carolina Botanical Garden, but they usually didn't make their appearance until February sometime.

    Flowers in bloom seem like a distant concept here in the wintry snow scape that is Quebec currently. The predicted low tomorrow is -1° F. Yikes!

  6. Absolutely NOTHING blooms here for at least another couple of months, so it's doubly nice to see the colour in your garden already. But, really...peas in January? Well, I'm thoroughly jealous!

  7. Your January blooms are wonderful Jean, especially the flowering Apricot. and 'Little Women' rose. We are awaiting a mixture of rain, snow and ice here on Long Island, so it will be months until we start seeing some springlike blooms. Until then, I'll just admire yours!

  8. I LOVE that flowering apricot and those narcissus blooms are perfection!


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