Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gustav Update

Well, I think we've weathered the worst of it although I'll be much happier when the rain quits. The yard and garden faired pretty well. The worst of it was a large dead limb from a water oak that fell mostly on the lawn, but some smaller limbs from it targetted my Autumn Joy Sedum. You can see the standing water on the pathways and the large limb in the background. The rain guage, probably not very accurate, says 4.25 inches. I just realized that once it gets to that level, the rainwater starts spilling over the side. So as I said, not very accurate.

The house didn't fair as well. We had been having a new roof put on and it seems the roofers caused a whole new leak, probably where they installed a turbine. You can see the walls are in sad shape. Miraculously the skylight didn't leak but they had worked on fixing that just before the storm.
All in all, we are very thankful it wasn't worse. And we hope the rest of our state can get back to their homes with as little damage as us. As you can see, the cats are thankful too.

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