Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hangin' in the house

Well it's too darn wet to venture out into the garden so I'm spending time checking out old garden photos. I took this picture this past weekend. I'm assuming this is Sweet Autumn Clematis. It grows wild along the fringes of our backyard. I think it's just lovely and the sweet scent is delicate. I may have to figure out a place to put it near our deck, so we can enjoy it better.

Rain from Gustav... we are still dealing with it but I have high hopes that we may see some sun today. It looks like we got another 3.5 inches between yesterday evening and this morning. I'm estimating we've seen 9 inches since Monday night. Too much more rain and we risk having the tall trees keeling over. You know, where the weight of the tree is too much for the root system. It's happened before around here and most likely is happening somewhere nearby as I write. And by the way, the leak on our wall has gotten a lot worse. But it's only a wall!


  1. Glad you did ok from the storm. I had a couple of trees keel over myself. I mad to tie up a peach tree and my Fragrant Spring Tree is trying to lay down. Great blog.

  2. Thanks for coming by and checking out my site - there aren't too many garden bloggers in our neck of the woods.
    Glad to see that Gustav didn't tear you up too much, but that roof thing doesn't look much fun. We were very lucky here - not much wind and a nice steady rain for 3 days. It was much better than the downpour we had a few weeks ago.


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