Monday, March 16, 2009

GBBD March 2009

I've got pretty much the same things blooming that I've had for about a month now. The exception would be the 'Pearl Maxwell' camellia which has finished blooming. Three straight days of cold and lots of rain (over 6 inches!) means that some blooms are looking a little worse for wear and some that should be blooming for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, aren't. Check out Carol and her list of other GBBD posts for some great floral eye candy.

The bluebonnets are now more fully out. Looks like putting them in a pot was the way to go for me. I put them in a pot to prevent them from getting too soggy over the winter. Ironically we had a very dry winter so they may have done fine in the ground anyway. But I think they were happier here during our rains last week.

The bouganvillea is about to bust out all over with blooms. The advice I've heard about how to handle bouganvilleas in the winter always said to wait until late winter/early spring to cut it back. Usually by that time my plant had lost all its leaves and looked pathetic. But this year, simply as a means of fitting into a tight space in my pop-up greenhouse, I cut it way back in fall. Lo and behold it held its leaves all winter and then turned on the bloom machine in late February.

The kalanchoe below has quite a few buds and blooms. Interestingly, this plant, a gift to me last summer, was at that time covered in very vivid pink blooms. After those blooms died away, it's always bloomed this reddish-orange. I wonder if they feed them something weird to get them to bloom pink??

My 'Marie Pavie' old rose is starting its spring bloom period. Lots of little buds and a few that are now starting to open. Hooray

And more 'Improved Meyer' lemons to come?

Also blooming for GBBD are the yellow/cream and red striped tulips, King Alfred daffodils, Jetfire daffodils, rosemary, pansies, alyssum, white irises, and Temari Patio Red verbena. Oh, and weeds in the lawn!


  1. I had a bouganvillea that I overwintered in the basement for several years but it got to where it just would not bloom and it finally died. I'm going to replace it this year because I do love them. I also loved "Marie Pavie" one of the best roses you can ever find.

  2. Ruth, yes bluebonnets are a type of lupin: Lupinus texensis. They're the state flower of Texas. They're fairly small with the bloom being about 4 inches (I'm not sure what that is in metric!). They're planted along the sides of the highways in Texas and when they're all in bloom, it's an amazing site. Very beautiful.

  3. Wow Jean... what beautiful colours! Oh my... but it was the pale rose that caught my eye :-D Happy GBBD!

  4. What colorful, beautiful blooms you have this time of year. Enjoy!

  5. Your blooms are splendid. I can't ever get enough of the bluebonnets. They remind me of the Spring Fling in Austin and how much fun we all had. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  6. Wow! Trimming that bouganvillea back did it a world of good!! I will try that this fall with mine. I love the bluebonnets too!

    Michelle @ Getting Dirty in Texas

  7. Very nice blooms for a rainy day. My spouse prunes back the bouganvillea every early winter down to not much more than bare branches. It keeps it in check but takes a few months to start blooming. The one next door is full of nesting birds right now. Maybe I should recommend a fall pruning, though that's when it's at its floral peak. It's all about compromise with this plant: space, flowers, or birds? Enjoy your rains as best as you can, I'm sure your plants will!

  8. Forgot to say earlier that I like the profile picture of your Siamese cat. Our Siamese, Simon Peter, died a couple years ago at age 17. He's still missed. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog inspires me to try harder...lots harder.

  9. Jean,

    That Marie Pave rose is too beautiful!

    I've heard that Bouganvillea does like to be pruned hard - and definitely appreciates the heat.

    Chloe M.

  10. My wonderful gardening neighbor gave me a red-blooming kalanchoe. What kind of conditions are best for them, by the way?

  11. Brenda - kalanchoes are like most succulents in that they like it on the dry side and like sun. Although when the sun is really blasting in the summer, I move it to part shade. It's in a pot by the way.


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