Monday, March 9, 2009

It's That Time of Year

It's that time of year when the blooms of springtime are coming out onesy-twosy. Not enough for some overall garden shots but a great time for capturing the up-close delicacy of spring blooms.

A new flower for me this year is the Jetfire daffodil. May I introduce her via both frontal and side portraits? This daff is said to naturalize.

The white irises are off and running. These grow on a little hillside with very little care. They're always the first irises to bloom for me.

I took a field trip this morning to try my hand at capturing the beauty of peach blossoms. This is the orchard of Louie Thompson, one of the regular farmers at our farmers' market. Fingers crossed we won't get a late freeze. But as you can see, he's in a little "holler". Colder temps are predicted for later in the week but not freezing. Hopefully the holler will provide some protection if Mother Nature decides to surprise us.


  1. Hi Jean, I gasped with delight at the peach blossoms! They must be just astounding to see them in person. I one lone little peach, an ornamental dark leaf one that is just beginning to open. Jetfire grows here as well, and makes a very good profile portrait! Great work!

  2. The peach trees are amazing. I've grown 'Jetfire' for years and I love it. One of my favorite daffodils.

  3. Oh, that peach orchard is so pretty!

  4. Oh, how wonderful to have so much in bloom already! The crocus buds haven't even opened here yet!

  5. Such phenomenally gorgeous shots you captured! Better frame some of those. They are keepers.

  6. Those Daffs are amazing! I love the touch of red on the edges - very nice.

    The orchard is beautiful as well - but it looks chilly!

    Chloe M.

  7. Your blog is wonderful. It's a pitty we don't know the name of the daffodil, it's gorgeous with that color around the edges. When I first saw the (javeline?) I thought is was a wild boar and said my goodness what a brave woman this is! The transformation of your garden was fabulous, but it looked like a lot of work. I'm so glad you stoppe by our blog, don't be a stranger. :-)--Randy

  8. Hello! I have been reading your blog with great pleasure and excitement. I moved to West Monroe last August, after a lifetime in western New York and northern New England. I'm an avid gardener, but I just can't figure out how the seasons work around here. What should I plant? When should I plant it? And what in the world do I do about vegetables? None of it makes any sense to me. Reading through the seasons in your blog is starting to get me a little more grounded (pun intended). I'm delighted to have found it. I'll be a regular visitor. Kudos for the lovely photography, as well.

    Are you familiar with garden centers in Monroe/W Monroe? I'd love some recommendations.

  9. Hello Jean,

    I am so glad I found your blog... to see those peach orchids! Wow! I hope they are safe from late frost... I am a Georgia Peach transplant some thirty five years now in my Western Massachusetts garden... so the peach blossoms bring back luscious memories. Beautiful photos!


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