Friday, May 8, 2009

And what are the spring rains bringing?

Well, they're bringing some interesting things but you have to read the rest of this post to find out the most interesting thing. We've had a LOT of rain in the past week, with a good five inches just Sunday night. The back lawn is swampy and frankly, the plants would be happier with some more sunshine. But knowing how things will dry out in the summer is keeping me from complaining too much. First up is something that theoretically doesn't need the rain as it's "self-watering".

I'm trying this self-watering container for the first time this year. It came with organic potting mix and organic tomato fertilizer. 'Cherokee Purple' is in this container and it's shot way up over the cage that comes with the kit. I tried ordering an extension for it but they're backordered for another month. And that certainly won't help by that point! So after the rains I've been out there tying the stems to the cage. Here's a close-up of one of the baby tomatoes.

The first of my frugal daylily purchases (bought in bags at the big box) is blooming. This is Crimson Pirate, an older variety from the 1950's. I kind of like its spareness.

I can't seem to stop taking pics of my nicotiana. This pic includes Verbena bonariensis (and the small yellow bloom in the background is my wild Italian arugula).

An overflowing birdbath with Ox-eye Daisies in the background.

My shade garden is perking up with the rain. The hosta at the top is my newest one, 'Patriot'. Need I say that the rains have also brought the slugs, the bane of hostas?

And now for the grand finale. As my friend and I were sitting in the living room talking, she all of a sudden excitedly says "Jean, look out the back door!!". And crawling up the window of the door was this snake. We think it's a black rat snake, not dangerous to us but not something that small mammals would like to see. The rains must have driven it out from wherever it lives. Unfortunately, after I took this shot I watched it crawl under the siding. Who knows where I'll see it next but I hope when I do it's in broad daylight! :-)


  1. It was worth reading to the end of the post to be scared to death! ha ha I don't even want to think about where that snake is right now. What a happy sight it is to see baby tomatoes. I bought my first bird bath last night. It's not as pretty as yours though. It's raining here this morning, but hopefully it won't be 5 inches like you had.

  2. We're just starting to think about tomatoes here in the Northwest.It all depends on if we get a summer or not. Last summer was a bust. Love the snake.

  3. We could sure use some of your rain here in TX. Snakes are also showing up in our yard lately.

  4. Your garden photos are a treat...I love the Ox-Eye Daisies and look at the verbena blooming, too! Lovely! I like the simple form of your new daylily, too...My favorites are the spider form. The rain has been and continues to be with us in nashville...It is downright chilly right now! I would love to see this guy in my garden! The little mammals and rodents have been very destructive this spring! I hope you had a good weekend. gail

  5. Jean, I really like that Crimson Pirate daylily. I wonder if anyone still sells it? I'll have to look! All your pictures are just luvverly ... the gardens are looking great!


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