Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Bloom Day (a little late)

Imagine, having to go to work getting in the way of gardening and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! That's my only excuse for being two days late for this tradition in the blogosphere. So without further ado, welcome to my rainy GBBD post.

I guess the main theme of May's post must be daylilies. When we first moved to this house there were a lot of daylilies in both the front and backyard. The front yard had mostly the old-fashioned tawny daylilies, most of which I passed along to a neighbor when we removed some of the driveway for more lawn (temporary measure; they were growing next to the driveway but we want space for a future cottage garden there). The backyard had a lot of the fancier daylilies but most of them weren't blooming much. So when the Great Backyard Makeover occured, I moved all of them to pots and then planted them here and there afterwards, not really knowing what would show up. To my surprise and delight they have prospered ever since. I could never grow them very successfully before, having little to no soil at our old home in Austin. So I relish them.

The one below is one I just received as a pass-along plant from Robin in my Master Gardeners class. She hybridized this one. Nice, huh?

None of the daylilies are planted in my raised beds but rather along the rock wall and in some back beds.

In the raised beds are a variety of blooms, including this 'Victoria Blue' salvia.

And yet another photo of the 'Summer Carnival' hollyhock (not long for this world; see my other posts about why).

Along the back in the shadier part of the yard are some 'Inland Sea Oats', Chasmanthium latifolium. I think this is really going to be their year to shine. But here's the very beginnings of their blooms. Nothing fancy, as you can see.

Also along the back are my hydrangeas. This one is 'Lady in Red' and it's also finally starting to have many blooms (it's been in the ground for two years now).

Other blooms for this Bloom Day include the roses Janet, The Fairy, Veteran's Honor, Red Cascades, and Madame Alfred Carriere. But they're actually in a restful phase right now with even more blooms to come soon I hope (they missed their chance to shine on a blog since I've been too busy!). The coreopsis, larkspur, ox-eye daisies, nicotiana, various salvias, chives, parsley, cilantro, and other veggies are also blooming. Now that I've blogged about my Bloom Day, I can't wait to visit Carol's blog to see her blooms and everyone else's! I leave you with a shot that I found on my camera of my two little boys.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love that hydrangea. Gotta get one of those.

  2. Oooh Jean, your little boys are beyond precious! The photos are wonderful, so full of color. I love daylilies and seeing yours are a real preview of coming attractions for me. Lucky you with a hybridizer friend! Alas, no Financier to Chicago. He went to Austin last year and was quite bored. I am driving to Nashville to fly with my friend Gail of Clay and Limestone. She brought her husband to Austin last year too. We both learned our lessons. They were the only husbands there. I do believe there will be other husbands in Chicago though. Dee of Red Dirt Ramblings is bringing her whole family.

  3. The cats at the end were priceless. You woke them up, I think. I dearly love daylilies, and they will probably be a feature of the next bloom day post. I love your 'Lady in Red' Hydrangea. So pretty. I just read Frances's comment. Yes, Bill will be there. He won't be going on a lot of gardening stuff though. He will be exploring Chicago with children, but I've heard some of the guy bloggers are coming. Can't wait to meet you.~~Dee

  4. You are right, May does seem to be the month for daylilies. The first one you have pictured is so pretty.

    Always Growing

  5. Late or not, the daylilies are exuberant and the cats serene.

  6. What pretty kitties! I had a hollyhock I bought last fall that was growing and lush and green. But it never bloomed. Suddenly it just died. I was so looking forward to those blooms!

  7. Beautiful daylilies - and such adorable little boys!

    Chloe M.

  8. Hi Jean...The garden is lovely. Oh to be able to get hollyhock established. I think them charming, especially the singles. You photographs are can tell me your secrets at SF next week. gail

  9. Your garden layout is so clean and well organized.

  10. Cat Fancy Magazine is going to want that photo of your boys on the cover. I like the photo of your raised beds...feels more like a real garden visit. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog.


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