Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some pretty things

I just couldn't stand to have those ugly pictures in my previous post hanging around at the top of my blog. So here's some things that look kinda purty instead.

These daylilies are the first to come out. Unfortunately I don't know their name as they came with the house. The Spiderwort in the background is a nuisance 'weed' that keeps popping up here. But it does look nice with the yellow!

Here's my Flapjack succulent in the early morning light. It was supposed to be repotted this spring but never made it.

This is the first hollyhock bloom I've ever had. They're new for me this year. I probably won't be growing them next year because they came down with rust real bad. I didn't know that they had a tendency to do that when I bought them. The other odd thing is this is supposed to be 'Summer Carnival' mix, which has a double or semidouble bloom in 4 shades. But it looks like a single bloom to me.

My 'Black and Blue' Salvia is finally starting to bloom. I've been anxious for it since the hummers like it so much. From this pic you can see why it has that name.

And can I just add something that has nothing to do with these blooms? Summer has been here for weeks now and it's starting to make me mad! What happened to spring??


  1. Jean...It is a puzzle about spring. we've had so much rain and now humidity is here. With more rain in the forecast. Sigh! Your pretties are really pretty. I love Black and Blue Salvia and it survived the winter here, so I am celebrating. The hollyhock photo is outstanding...gail

  2. The tiny blue Spiderwort flowers look perfect with the yellow lilies. I've dreamed of having a tall wooden fence with Hollyhocks growing up against it. Your single bloom is gorgeous.

  3. I always count May as the first month of summer in Austin. Sometimes it's early May, sometimes it's late May. But we always see 90s or even 100s in this month.

    Goodbye to spring until October. Sniff.

  4. Oh gosh, I have a love/hate relationship with the spiderwort. I have it everywhere it seems. It is pretty but so invasive. The 'Black and Blue' salvia is one of my favorites.

  5. Spiderwort keeps tempting me but so far I've resisted. It's so pretty, but scares me a bit with it's reported invasiveness. Then again, not much is invasive in my garden. They look awfully pretty with the daylilies.

    I love black and blue salvia - such a stately plant, beautiful blooms, and hummingbirds to boot. Wish I had enough sun to grow them!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at SF Jean!

  6. Very pretty daylily, and you are right, it does look good with the spiderwort behind it. I have never had any luck with black and blue salvia. Maybe I need to try again.

    Always Growing

  7. I love black and blue salvia and have it a couple of places in the garden. Love it! I am growing hollyhocks again this year, and I've found you often get singles in those double pkgs. Maybe the hollyhocks like to return to an earlier form. We have spiderwort, but it doesn't do much in Oklahoma. Probably the poor soil.~~Dee


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